Phakamile Risk Consultancy

Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental System

Legal Compliance Audits

A legal compliance audit will be done to determine the status of the companies:

  • Health, Safety Fire and Environmental systems
  • It will measure compliance to the legal requirements as defined in the OHS Act, COID act SANS codes and where applicable the local municipal by laws 
  • These audits are done on a basis of verification of documents vs physical conditions or equipment 
  • The audit consists of a template document of 54 pages and it will be scored at the end of the audit and that will allow during the next audit to measure improvement 
  • During the audit photos will be taken (once permission has been obtained from the client) and comments will be made re the deviation or risk observed 
  • The audit will be done on the basis that a;
  1. Pre audit meeting takes place with the
  2. Planned itinerary of activities and on the
  3. Last day a feedback meeting will be conducted during which an overview of the audit findings will be presented
  • A hard copy audit report will be delivered to site and a soft copy will be available on request